Sunday, October 4, 2015


There's something to be said about clinching a Wild Card after a long season... and then celebrating like you just won the World Series. Truth be told, it means noting, especially if you can't continue the charge toward the finish line. If the Yankees won, clinched, partied and showed up in Baltimore like they were full of adrenaline, I wouldn't be writing with such venom... but I am, because they didn't. It was a terrible day yesterday. I'm sorry... that's how I feel right now. 

I know... I was supposed to write you 2 recaps, both with a flurry of heart and pop culture, maybe alittle humor, but let's call it what it is;  The New York Yankees showed up to Baltimore alittle hung over, alittle tired because of the rain out on Friday and off their game and now.... their right back where they were before they clinched.  They're terrible. 

Remember what I said in LOCK IT UP!, "Bottom line, we wanna be the "Motorboating Son of a Bitch", not the one who didn't seal the deal.  It's literally that simple."  In essence,  I want to be the team that goes into the playoffs strong, confident.... not limping in. That's from a fan perspective... that's how you need to see this thing.

What? You want scores? You want highlights? How's this:

Game 1we had a total of 6 hits against Wei-Yin Chen.  Girardi went into his "rest the stars" mode and literally rested everyone under the sun... he may have even taken a rest, and we fielded a team not ready to win.  I'm not pleased with Game 1's starting lineup.  I felt like we could have done better in that decision making.  Sorry.... not sorry, bad managerial decision.  The Yankees were 1-12 with runners in scoring position.  We left 8 man on base. had this wonderful stat... with 2 out, 4 were left on base. That means were not executing properly.  Ivan Nova's "bad" this season.  Not my words... his. Yesterday he pitched 5.2 innings, allowed 8 hits and 5 runs.  Shreve gave up 2.  Nick Goody gave up 2.  Here's a question, WHY IS SHREVE AND NICK GOODY EVEN IN?  What happened to that must win game mentality?  What is wrong with Joe Girardi? We lost 9-2.  That's Game 1... more with Game 2.

Game 2 was more of the same, except the difference was it was more of a baseball game.  We had Luis Severino on the mound, who went 7 innings, giving up 5 hits and 3 runs, and we had our guys like Brian McCann, hot hitter Carlos Beltran and Jacoby Ellsbury in the lineup.  But we still managed to only score 3 to the Orioles 4.  Trust me when I tell you... Joe should have figured this out by now.... Buck Showalter, no matter if his O's are in the playoffs or not, still wants to win every game, even if it's meaningless.  We didn't win that one either, we left 6 on base in Game 2 and with runs in scoring position, we were 2-7. 

We need to wake the fuck up. This is what you play for.... sorry for the profanity. I know you were thinking it... I just had the balls to say it.

Game 1: Orioles 9 - Yankees Suck 
Game 2: Orioles 4 - Yankees still suck


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Saturday, October 3, 2015


The passing of Yogi Berra last week was a very sad day for the Yankees, the fans and baseball as a whole. But it was really sad for me.

Athletes and other people are important parts of our life, whether we realize it or not. We will likely never get to meet 99% of the people of this nature that make an impact on our life, but we do appreciate it.

In August of 1995, Mickey Mantle passed away. I was just 11 years old at the time. I obviously never got to watch The Mick play but I remember watching a ceremony honoring him in my bedroom on my 12" color TV and I began to get emotional. It was because I had read and heard about him and how great of a player he was. It was because he meant so much to Yankees fans.

The passing of Yogi was a very somber day for baseball. Television and print media covered how great of a player he was and how he had a great impact on players and fans alike. His Yogisms are priceless and are used in everyday conversation. He was one guy that no one seemed to have anything negative to say about. That says a lot.

As a catcher myself growing up, I always like Yogi. I have often thought about what it would have been like to watch him play on a daily basis. I bet many people even from that generation wish the same. There was no YES Network, ESPN or MLB Network back then so the best way to see him play was to head out to the Bronx.

I've seen highlights and the final out of Don Larsen's Perfect game a myriad of times but it leaves me kind of unsatisfied. I would have loved to have watched him, and many other superstars of the past, over the course of an entire season or career like we have had the opportunity to do with the "core four" and others over the last three or so decades.

I look at players and ordinary run of the mill people who inspire others and it gives me motivation at times. As a baseball coach I find myself giving it my all in order to assure the players get the most out of the time on the field. I don't want accolades or a pat on the ass, I just want to better a young man who is in the process of maturing and learning about life. I want to make an impact, whether they realize it or not. That makes me satisfied.

I will sure miss seeing Yogi at The Stadium and listening to him talk. What we still have though are the memories shared to us from his friends and family, of which he had many. When an important member of an organization passes, it's like losing a family member, even though we had never met.

--Dan Lucia
BYB Writer
Twitter: @DManLucia


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The other evening my mother was sharing a story she read on the Internet with my brother.  The story was about Yogi Berra and the origin of the quote, "When you come to a fork in the road, take it."  I asked, "Where did you read that?"  She said, "I don't remember, but it was a really good article."  I said, "Mom, really?  You read it on Bleeding Yankee Blue and I wrote it!"  She completely forgot that it was a piece on BYB.  I actually took it as a compliment.  She didn't remember the information because I wrote it, she remembered it because it was interesting, pithy, impactful and different.  And that is what we try and do here.  We aren't ESPN, The Daily News or YES Network, but we are an alternative news source about the Yankees for Yankee and baseball fans alike.

We bring you cutting edge news nuggets that unveil a unique spin to the everyday news.  I take pride in doing research, checking my facts and providing interesting features to compliment the pervasive news feeds available to fans.  I know you have a choice of what you read, and when you read it and I am glad you read us, and you read me, Suzie Pinstripe.

Being a reliable news source takes a lot of effort, not just because of the time it takes to search for content and information and connect it to the main idea of a story, but because sometimes it's just hard to find the right thing to write about, particularly when your team is not at its best.  What do you do when you don't know what to write about yet you have commitment to write?  You listen.  You listen to your co-workers.  You listen to the news.  You listen to conversations on the street.  You read, a lot.  And you piece something together.

When I went to journalism school, there was one main news source I had to fact check to ensure that my content was accurate.  According to BBC, "The most famous seven words in American journalism - "All the news that's fit to print" - took a permanent place 115 years ago in the upper left corner, or left "ear", of the New York Times masthead. The motto appeared on the daily's front page without notice, commentary or fanfare. In the years since, the phrase has been admired as a timeless statement of purpose, interpreted as a "war cry" for honest journalism, and scoffed at as pretentious, overweening and impossibly vague."  The New York Times screamed accuracy.  When you had to be sure, you checked the Times, even when you went to a school in Boston.  I'm not suggesting that BYB is the like the Times, but I am suggesting that we here at BYB take the utmost pride in our work and conduct ourselves like true journalists who are proud of their craft. We ensure that our words are accurate.

As we head into the final weeks of baseball for 2015, I am pensively reflective of our year of coverage of the Yankees.  No, it didn't have the fanfare of Mo or Jeter's final seasons, nor did it have the excitement of a winning season.  But there are still some highlights and memorable moments including coverage of an amazing season of baseball for Alex Rodriguez and Mark Teixeira, a surprising season for Nathan Eovaldi and Andrew Miller and a promising season for Didi Gregorius, Adam Warren, Greg Bird, and Rob Refsnyder.  I have to believe that no matter how we perform in the post season, we have a lot to look forward to in 2016.  And we will bring it all to you, in a variety of interesting pieces, seven-days a week, 365-days a year because we are BYB: Your Reliable Source for Baseball News.

BYB Hot Stove Columnist
Twitter: @suzieprof

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Well I heard a gem of a story yesterday, and to tell you the truth, I was pretty amazed...and slightly annoyed at Joe Girardi as well. I have no reason to doubt it either.  It came from a reliable source... Michael Kay.

I was listening to Michael Kay yesterday.  I don't always get a chance to listen, but when I do, it's great stuff. I'm a big fan of Don LaGreca as well, and they always give it to you straight.  Well while i was listening yesterday, Kay was chatting about Jacoby Ellsbury and how the other night, he was scratched from the lineup because his back was stiff.  As we heard from Girardi, both Ellsbury and Chase Headley had some back stiffness and Joe thought he'd give them a rest.

According to Kay, and I'm paraphrasing, he said Joe said that there was "back stiffness" with Ellsbury after he tried to make a catch and slammed into the wall the night before.  OK... it happens.  I remember the play and I kind of remember seeing the tweet the day Ellsbury was scratched.  Fair enough.

Well, according to Kay, the next day, Meredith Marakovits got a call from someone that was associated with Ellsbury.  Kay wasn't sure if it was an agent or PR person or whatever, but that Ellsbury person asked Meredith if she did her report.  She said she already did and heard the news that Ellsbury was scratched.  The Ellsbury person asked, 'Well what did Joe say about it? Why did Joe say Jacoby was scratched?'  Meredith said, back stiffness.

Then the voice appeared to get defensive.  According to Kay, and this was very, very interesting, the Ellsbury person said that Jacoby was "100%" and there is no reason why Jacoby wouldn't want to play in some of the most important games of the season.

Kay said he found that story "fascinating". I agree.  He went on to talk about how Girardi is pretty over protective of his players and is obsessed with giving players "rests"... and one could speculate that he probably does it too much. I know I've always thought that, not to mention, when there are 'must win' games, he never appears to have the top players in the know what I mean?

Now look, there is no reason why we should believe this stories false, and as Kay told it, I wondered if Meredith gave him permission to tell the story, or if he accidentally blabbed it. Look, I doubt he just spilled the beans with out talking to Meredith first, but more importantly, what the hell is going on with Girardi? Why would he just not chat with a player, someone like Ellsbury who has mad talent, especially down the stretch with must win games coming up? Why wouldn't you just check to make sure your player is healthy before making that call about back stiffness? Isn't that weird?

Anyway, I thought this nugget was amazing... and wanted to bring it to your attention.   From this point forward, when a player is sitting, I'm gonna wonder if Girardi is over thinking his team.

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Great nugget about Nathan Eovaldi. LoHud reports he could be back for the post-season.  Jennings writes:

"Injured starter Nathan Eovaldi was able to throw his first bullpen since behind shut down with elbow inflammation.

If the Yankees advance beyond Tuesday’s wild card game, Eovaldi hopes to be an option out of the bullpen.

'It's very encouraging,' Eovaldi said. 'And I'm happy to help out the team.'”

I mean look, Eovaldi won 14 games for the Yankees this season. He was a huge part of their success.  If he can get back and be healthy and the Yanks can get through their post season rounds successfully... wow.  That's all I have to say.

Wish Nate well.  This could be big.

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