Saturday, September 5, 2015


A quick note and nothing you don't already know if you've been reading the pages of BYB.  CC Sabathia will be back soon, and he'll be back as a starter. I found that interesting.

According to the New York Post:

"Less than two weeks later, the Yankees are planning on inserting Sabathia back into the rotation.
Pitching with a new brace on his right knee, the lefty said he felt “great” after throwing four innings — 62 pitches — in a simulated game before the Yankees’s 5-2 triumph over the Rays at the Stadium.

'No pain,' Sabathia said. 'I tested it pretty good, as if I was in a game, so I’m excited.'

Sabathia has pitched most of the season with a sleeve on his surgically-repaired knee, after a brace he tried out in the spring proved to be too bulky.

'I didn’t notice it hindering him,' manager Joe Girardi said. 'He can let it go without the fear of something popping up.'”

When there is no pain, that's a gain.  CC will be back next week. My question to our readers is this though... when CC comes back, where would you want him to go? Starter, or Reliever?  Vote in our poll on the home page, right side of BYB.

When the voting closes, we'll do a piece on it.

We root for CC, but the fact that he suggested he wanted to come back as a reliever and the Yankees are insisting he return as a starter is puzzling to me.  No matter, I still back the team and the man!

Go Yanks!

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Friday, September 4, 2015


The Yankees needed this win tonight.  In fact, they need to win as much as they can right now.  The best news of the night is that the Yankees won, and the Blue Jays lost.  If you want to gain on your rival, that's a good combination. 

Luis Severino started for New York tonight.  I gotta tell ya, this kid's great.  6.1 innings, allowed 7 hits and only 1 run. In fact, the only other run was given up by Adam Warren. That being said, Warren also struck out 2.  Bottom line, our pitching is dominant.  Andrew Miller got save number 30. Let's get things rolling!

The Yankee run scoring went like this:

In the second, Alex Rodriguez cranked out a 2 run homer.  Then, in the 4th, Brian McCann hit a solo shot.  In the 7th, another homer, this time it was Greg Bird who hit a 2 run shot.  By then is was 5-1.  It would eventually become 5-2... and that's that.

Yankees win. Boom.

Final: Yankees 5- Rays 2

Here are the standings:


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We all remember the now infamous “Joba Rules”, right?  They were limits placed upon the hard throwing right-hander to protect his powerful arm for the future.  As we now know this ridiculous practice did more harm than good and helped unravel a very promising career for the Nebraskan Man-child.

In Washington DC the brain trust decided to do a similar protection program with their “Can’t miss” prospect Stephen Strasburg.  How’d that work out?  Well, it has hurt the young hurler.  It was thought he’d be lights out the way Kershaw is…but he’s not.  He is a good pitcher…not a great pitcher.  The over babying of Joba Chamberlain, Stephen Strasburg and many others directly cause their arms to suffer.  Period.

Can we name one over protected pitcher that has benefited from being treated like the living room at your parent’s house?  You know the “nice” room for special occasions and important company.  I can’t.

Anyone who has ever worked out knows that muscles build through proper diet, PROPER rest and exercise.  If you are on a strenuous workout regiment and then stop abruptly or scale back in an extreme way you are MORE LIKELY TO SUFFER AN INJURY WHEN YOU BEGIN WORKING OUT AGAIN!  In plain English, LET THE YOUNGSTERS THROW!  Let them eat innings and develop their arsenals.  Whoever came up with this way of developing pitchers should be banned from the game.

Here is a tip.  If you have an 11 year old that really loves the game and dreams of being a Big Leaguer someday, DON’T TEACH HIM TO THROW BREAKING STUFF!  Let the child (and that’s exactly what he is) learn the game, throw the ball to the glove and play every position on the field.  More and more we have parents and coaches telling their young athletes to toss a curveball or change up.  NO. NO. NO! They aren’t built for that yet.  They need to grow and strengthen.  By the time they reach High School they have already begun to damage their elbows and are more likely future candidates for Tommy John.  Why not do it “Old School”? Allow the kid to play the game, learn the ropes and focus on the enjoyment of competition.  They will learn the slider and spilt when their bodies are mature enough to handle the strain.

The practice of babying pitchers has changed the game is a very profound way.  Gone are the days when a pitcher aimed to give his club 7 to 8 complete innings.  Now a quality start is 6…or 5 and 2/3rds.  If we stay on this path teams will have to carry an insane amount of arms.  We’ll see Starters to go 3 to 4, then mid relievers, a few bridge guys and a closer or two.

I wonder if Ron Guidry, Steve Carlton and even Greg Maddux sit at home in disgust as the pitching coaches walk to the mound to check in on their Ace in the 4th while the manager calls the pen because the pitch count is nearing 55?

Scouts, GMs and front office types are too smart for their own good.  A weapon unused becomes a useless weapon pure and simple.  Recently there have been rumblings of reversing the position on Luis Severino, and possibly easing back his workload.

Don't you dare, Cashman!  If you ruin the best arm from the system in decades you’ll be chased from the Tri-State Area with clubs and torches.  Let the young man rumble!

The truth is this whole thing goes deeper than MLB.  It is a sad state of affairs in the country.  We protect kids from the possibility of losing.  We fill their heads with promises and give them a trophy for just showing up.  Then when they actually have to go it alone failure upends their entire world.  They don’t know how to deal with it and therefore they call it a day.  Stop it and quick.  We learn for try and fail.  We learn to try again.  We improve for the next game, match or at bat.  A hard fought victory (or loss) is worth 100 times more than a meaningless participation ribbon.

There was a quote written on the wall in the weight room at my high school.  It is something I’ll never forget because it cut to the quick of the game of life.  No matter what you do.  It read:
An athlete works hard to create the chance of winning.  A champion works harder to eliminate the chance of losing.”  – Pat McPhillips
Let the youngsters work.  Let them bring what they have to the field and give it all they got.  Allow them to learn from failures and strive for victories.  Holding them back or overly protecting them will rob them of valuable lessons and possibly outstanding careers in whatever they chose to do with the talents they were blessed with.

To quote a Scotsman portraying and Irishman, “Here endth the lesson.”

** Saw this band live recently and absolutely love them.  What’s the plan for tomorrow?  Who cares PLAY ALL OUT TODAY!  Tomorrow will take care of itself.”

--Mike O'Hara Senior "Features" Writer
Twitter: @mikeyoh21


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I'm always baffled when David Ortiz talks.  He thinks he's important and I'll never understand that.  What am I talking about?  Well, Ortiz tweeted about Tom Brady and deflate-gate... giving him a shout out. I guess because he got off by a federal judge yesterday.  Like we needed someone else to talk about something that no one should care about...
Now look... full disclosure. I don't care for David Ortiz.  I think he's a blowhard. I think he's been around the game way too long.  I don't find him relevant anymore and I think his ego makes his head too big... or maybe that's the PEDs.  I kid, I kid.

Look, This is what I don't get about David Ortiz...

He comes out and defends Tom Brady for allegedly deflating the balls during his season.  For me personally, I don't care.  I don't care what Roger Goodell did. I don't care if Tom Brady or a ball boy deflated them. There are major things happening in this world that are of greater concern than letting alittle air out of the ball.  You beat your wife? That's a bigger story to me.  You know what I mean?

But this is about David Ortiz, the walking contradiction. That guy that sides with certain players because it helps HIM.  David Ortiz came out defending Tom Brady yesterday... yet, when everything went down about his then friend Alex Rodriguez... there was radio silence. SILENCE. In fact, he came out defending Alex when Ryan Dempster threw at him, but never made a peep about Alex and PEDs. Meanwhile Manny Ramirez, Papi and Alex were very, very tight during the height of the rivalry back around 2005.

But suddenly PEDs and Alex surface, and the dude bolts.  He bolted with Manny... and he bolted with Alex, distancing himself with a roadrunner cloud and everything. Meanwhile, he's kissing the ass of then commissioner Bud Selig. And Selig was kissing him back. I thought he and Alex were friends?  Hmmm... but let's take it further.

Do you notice when the subject of PEDs come up... Ortiz is awfully defensive?  I remember that ridiculous "sympathy piece" the Players' Tribune put out, written by Ortiz, about how he's harassed to give urine and blood "early" in the morning when "his kids are sleeping" when he's home in the D.R. How he's been tested "the most in MLB history" (Who's calculating that stat?).

I did my own through read of that piece this morning. When you really analyze his story, "MLB players" take all this stuff, but he's somehow removed from it.  Read this portion:
"Most guys are still taking over-the-counter supplements. If it’s legal, ballplayers take it. Why? Because if you make it to the World Series, you play 180 games. Really think about that for a second. 180 games. Your kids could be sick, your wife could be yelling at you, your dad could be dying — nobody cares. Nobody cares if you have a bone bruise in your wrist or if you have a pulled groin. You’re an entertainer. The people want to see you hit a 95-mile-an-hour fastball over a damn 37-foot wall.
 Most MLB players take a dozen pills a day just to get them through the season — multivitamins, creatine, amino acids, nitric oxide, all kinds of stuff. Whatever you tell them is legal, they’ll take it.

But back in the early 2000s, you’d go into GNC and the guy working there would say, “Hey, take this stuff. It’s great. It builds muscle, helps with soreness, burns fat, whatever.”

Okay, sure, I’ll take that. I’m buying an over-the-f***ing-counter supplement in the United States of America. I’m buying this stuff in line next to doctors and lawyers. Now all of a sudden MLB comes out and says there’s some ingredient in GNC pills that have a form of steroid in them. I don’t know anything about it."
I find this portion fascinating.  Ortiz has managed to accuse the other MLB players of taking "supplements".  Then he casually throws in that he'd take something from GNC, but if MLB says there's a steroid in it, "I DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT IT." 

"Not me! I'm on the straight and narrow.  The others guys do it." Interesting David.  In essence... ARod was one of those guys, and so, when Alex's lawyers accused "players in Boston" of using, David quickly cut Alex off.  Why? Alex's lawyer never said David's name?  He said: "...but some of them are God-like in Boston right now." What kind of an ego do you have to have to think it's you, David? Really?  Or maybe they're onto something? Is it you? If David's name wasn't said... hmm... interesting again.

My point is, friends are supposed to stick together when times are tough right? Back in February when a reporter asked Ortiz about ARod, he said "I say Good Luck. Next."

Oh, I get it, defending Tom Brady is OK because he doesn't tarnish David's reputation or throw suspicion David's way.  That's safe. That gets re-tweets. But defending Alex doesn't.  Got it.

You know what David Ortiz needs to do? Be quiet or come clean.  He's a baseball player and PEDs is in his history, when baseball wasn't testing for it.  That's fine, we all get that by now. But PEDs is still in baseball, and David Ortiz, and any of these other players don't have the authority to do whatever the hell they want anymore.  Ortiz complaining that he's being tested 80 times a season should be expected. Yes, David, you are an entertainer, and you're suspicious, and random or not, that's what baseball has become.

As far as your alignment to certain people? I'm quickly seeing a pattern here.  You've managed to allow your ego get the best of you.

You need a reality check, son.

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Sure, this I don't get to do this all the time, but I do it when I can and for good reason.  Bleeding Yankee Blue has expanded as you know, and we have some of the greatest writers on the web. That's a fact. One of them is Erica Morales. My friend. Someone I consider family. She's a hardworking woman, a mother, a wife and a staple in the #BYB family.  Guess what ladies and gentlemen... it's her birthday today.  So, whether you know Erica personally, or read her daily, it would be smart to reach out and wish Erica a Happy Birthday.  She deserves the best day ever.

There are so many times that I needed to lean on my writers.  I have told you all before, that life comes first, and many times, we are all running around doing our thing.  Sometimes writing doesn't come easy or we just can't find the time.  But if I need a hand, if I need to get something on the pages of BYB because of breaking news, in-depth anaylsis, whatever it is, one woman is always there, despite her schedule with her kids, her busy life and husband.  That's Erica Morales. Always.

I will always be touched by this picture of Erica, sleeping in front of her computer trying to make deadline for you!  Let that seep in... that's dedication.
I am taken by her drive.  I am taken with her character, and I consider her one of my favorite people to date.  She blows me away.  I once called her to cover the Joe Torre Gala back in 2013.  She shot downtown and covered it like a champ, standing in a gaggle with veteran writers, and side by side with Andrew McCarron, Pete Caldera, Andrew Marchand and Wally Matthews.  She's amazing and I just wanted to take this moment to wish her a Happy, Happy Birthday.
E, you're one of the great ones in this thing called blogging. You've become a personality that people look for on the daily. You've done it girl!  Never lose your heart. Always push to the next level.  Yes... it's a grind, but you make it look easy... and from all of us here at BYB, we're not the same site without you here... Keep grinding my friend.

Love, Casey

Wish Erica a Happy Birthday today: @e_morales1804

I'll let Spongebob Take us out...

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